Woo commerce excel like product manager


(images and videos on this page are from full version)

Excel like product attribute and tag manager for WooCommerce / WP E-commerce 

An WooCommerce / WP E-commerce 'MS excel'-like fast input spreadsheet editor for managment of product attributes and tags.

This free light version of component allowes:

-  Fast management (edit) of attributes in wooCommerce and tags both in woocommerce and wp e-commerce 

-  View of other product fields


For full version that allows changing/import of all fields visit this link


It supports both WooCommerce and WP E-commerce. UI behaves same as in MS Excel. It also has import/export feature. This is right thin for you if you need to change existing or apply new attributes to large number of products 

Average user needs around 39 min to modify price for 100 products using default shop interface (intense work). With this component needed time for same work task is around 6 min. Price is thing we actulay mede live test for to get effitency improvment report for other component we deliver. Have in mind that changing attributes and tags is more complex operation so time saving comparation in this case is more extreme.

wp See in Wordpress Plugin Directory

Editable / CSV Importable fields


Attributes, Tags

WP E-commerce:



Visible / CSV Exportable fields


Price, Sales Price, Attributes (Each pivoted as column), SKU, Category, Shipping class, Name, Slug, Stock, Featured, Status, Weight, Height, Width, Length, Tax status, Tax class

FILTERS: SKU, Name, Category, Shipping class, Status, Attributes

WP E-commerce:

Price, Sales Price, Tags, SKU, Category, Name, Slug, Stock, Status, Weight, Height, Width, Length, Taxable, local and international shipping costs

FILTERS: SKU, Name, Category, Tag, Status

Component is very fast and pleasant for using. If you load 10000 products grid will create HTML elements only for grid rows user see, so it will work fast no matter how many product you filter. It also supports pagination. it will show up when applicable.

While working with spreadsheet all price changes are autosaved. 
- Frozen columns
- Sorting
- Turn off/on default columns
- Custom fileds (Enables you to view anything like content, excerpt, date ,. all post fields.., any meta key, any term ...)






For full version that allows changing/import of all fields visit this link


For Joomla Virtuemart version visit this link