This is add-on for VirtueMart product manager.


It enables you to add any product related field from your database as new column to VirtueMart product manager spreadsheet.

 When added UDF field can be updated/imported/exported



Buy Now 19.00 EUR (~20.00 USD)

 (Price includes help with SQL scripts - if needed)



You can use this plugin:

- To get columns for fileds that are not already included in VirtueMart product manager

- To create additional table with extra data your site needs for products and to get easy way of editing it

- To control other extensions properties (extensions you get from other publishers)

  If you have component that can work in symbiosis with our component you can send us your fields configuration so you users can add that fields easily using auto-configuration option. Contact us for instructions. 



1. Make sure you are using VM P.E.L.M. version greather or equal to 2.0.7. If no, go to Extension Manager / Update and update it.

2. Unpack zip package you got in e-mail on product purchase

3. Copy unpacked udf_fileds folder to [your site root]/administrator/components/com_vmexcellikeinput/plugins/

4. Enter Product excel-like manager. You will see new option "Configure user defined fields" under Options in top menu.

5. Click on "Configure user defined fields" . You will be prompted for API KEY you will have in e-mail received on product purchase

6. Page will refresh and you will be able to configure fields.

*7. If some other component vendor instructed you to get this component he will tell you what well known fields you need to add using option "Add Well Known Field"


Known extensions that can be supported:

- myEXT Filter for VirtueMart 3



Buy Now 19.00 EUR (~20.00 USD)