We are always open to debate new ideas and business opportunities. Good ideas are most valuable good in modern IT business environment because it can be considered that technological limits are still way ahead of materialized ideas. If you have good ideas for great products teaming up with us can lead us to great achievements.

As an first thing that can give you technological advantage when teaming up with us is certainly quickP2P system. Although we are interested in all kinds of products we would note that as particularly interesting area of development. Why:

- Such system is very hard and complicated to make

- Even if there would be similar concurrent product quickP2P would put you way ahead because it enables fast application development and also concurrent company would need to put much time of effort to make similar functionalities

- It gives you total freedom when arhitecturing ways of communication between clients using application

So we would give advantage to ideas involving quickP2P since we consider them most efficient in terms of mutual profit gains.

We repeat we are open to debate any idea.

Crystallized ways we invite you teaming up with us:

- You as project visionary and startup investor with agreed profit share

if you have great idea that involves this kind of products and financial resources to fund startup you can offer such project to us so we could make some great deal

- You as project developer sponsored by us with this technology and system infrastructure with agreed profit share

If you are bright young mind with great idea and you need quickP2P to make it happen you can propose your project to us and if we find it interesting and profitable we can give you quickP2P as investment in shape of technology.

- You as promoter with idea to take quickP2P itself to some greater levels

If you have idea how to take quickP2P to some other level like adaptation as some standard or to make crucial part of some kind of new devices we are open to make great deals. 

To contact HOLEST regarding partnership deals contact us using: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Then who knows .........